A Forester’s Book Blog

Oh well, here I go again, creating a new blogsite, a book blog that is, when I can’t even maintain my supposed to be anonymous personal blog site. It’s been a year since I’ve written my last post in my original blogsite because one, I’m too lazy to organize and write my thoughts in a blog, two, my  writing really sucks, and three, I’m more of a reader than a writer. Oh yes, Im a reader and not a writer so why am I creating this blog again?!

I love reading books but because of my hectic schedule lately, I can’t really find time to pick up even one book from my increasing pile of books to read in 2011, which mostly are carry over of my unread books in 2010. Then last July, I discovered goodreads, an online catalog site for book lovers, where you can find a lot of book reviews and recommendations. Thinking that this site would help me get motivated to finish my 2011 reading challenge, I decided to sign up and create an account and indeed, the website is really great for I did not only find good book reviews and recommendations but also meet new friends.

In this site, you are also allowed to write reviews and discussions about the books you’ve read so my writing and critical thinking skills are really being challenged so I decided why not give book blogging a try to improve my skills. And so this blog is born. I may not be able to write here regularly but I’ll make sure to update my book blog from time to time.


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