Who Needs to Read 600+ Books in her Lifetime Anyway?

I started this blog three years ago because I want to keep a record of my thoughts on the books I’ve read. As I’ve expected back then, I know I won’t be posting regularly because I’m a reader and not a writer. But then again, 38 blog post is not bad at all. So after almost a semester of not writing anything, I’m back again to say that please expect some major changes in by book blog. There will be changes because I decided to really filter and examine the kind of books I’m reading. As I was browsing through my TBR shelf in goodreads, I realized that there are really books that I think I can let go without reading. Most of the books I’ve marked to read are either popular at that time or simply has very good reviews.

But now, some titles or plots are no longer appealing to me anymore. Is it because I’ve grown up? I don’t know. One thing I know is for sure, it’s ok if you haven’t read the book everyone has read.



God’s Definition of Love


It has been sung about by popular music artists of all genres for many decades and I’m sure many more decades to come.

It has been endlessly written about by famous authors who with words attempt to depict its complex significance.

It is talked about by people on a regular basis as they attempt to understand its mystery and true meaning.

To many people love is just a feeling that comes and goes.

On a good day they might love someone a lot, on a bad day they might not.

Their love is based on how they are treated by the other person — and that can change on a daily basis.

Although I think dictionaries, books written by educated people, and screenplays may do a great job defining the term “love” I think someone else does a better job of defining the term.

The creator of love itself – GOD.

Recently I…

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