A good-bye letter

Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead.

dear past, letter to pastYou like to remind me of my failures and my shortcomings.

You like to bring back memories of pain long buried away.

You like to predict my future and tell me I don’t have anything to look forward to and that nothing will ever change.

You like to interrupt my day and stop me dead in my tracks from taking one more step.

You like to drag me around in circles down memory lane and keep me stuck in what could have, would have, or should have been.

Yes, you will do anything to destroy the future I’m dreaming about and the day I’m living in.

But today I’m writing you a good-bye letter.

Because there is no room in my heart and in my mind for you to stay.

No time for wallowing around in self-pity and regret.

No need to recount my failures and my mistakes.

No reason…

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July Reads

Before I proceed to my July reading plan, let me recount the books I’ve read in June.

  • Just a Little Rain by Jayen San Diego (4/5 stars)- Read this on impulse because I saw this from the list of recommended Romance books posted by my friend Tina. I’ve read the first 3 chapters of this novella while it was still wattpad so when I learned that this book has been out in the market, I did not hesitate to get a copy from smashwords.
  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (5/5 stars) – I know this is not again from my original reading list but picking up this book randomly is indeed a good choice. Now I know why this gothic novel is considered as one of the timeless classics.

As for the other books which I have challenged myself to read…well, let me just report my progress because reading them all is a moving target haha!

  • The Book of Lost Things by John Conolly (11%)
  • The Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis (still at 35%)
  • Quiet by Susan Cain (13%)
  • The City and the City (1%)

So for July, I will still stick to this list plus  A Tale of Two Cities (as my top priority because it’s been a while since I last seriously participated in our book discussion). Fighting!

TFG July book of the month.

TFG July book of the month.