Notable Book Quotes in 2014

As I mentioned in one of my musing monday postr, one of my habits as a reader is marking insightful quotes or lines from the book I’m reading. I also tend to read interactively so I usually post the quotes I’ve marked in my fb or twitter account.

Reading can make you a better person, so they say. Maybe they’re right. As for me, I know that reading has really shaped me to become the kind of person I am right now.

Below are the notables quotes I read last year.

From Love, Stargirl

Who are you if you lose your favorite person? Can you lose your favorite person without losing yourself? I reach for Stargirl and she’s gone. I’m not me anymore.

If you start by hating one or two people, you won’t be able to stop. Pretty soon you’ll hate a hundred people… A little hatred goes a long, long way. It grows and grows. And it’s hungry.

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

The things we respond to at twenty are not necessarily the same things we will respond to at forty and vice versa. This is true in books and also in life.

We aren’t the things we collect, acquire, read. We are, for as long as we are here, only love. The things we loved. The people we loved. And these, I think these really do live on.

Sometimes books don’t find us until the right time.


But no one can really escape the disciplines of life. They will always win out. We always reap what we sow.


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