Your Career Roadmap (How to get the job you want… and love the job you hate!) by Nelson T. Dy

The Book


Title: Your Career Roadmap (How to get the job you want… and love the job you hate!) 
Author: Nelson T. Dy
Price: PhP 295.00
Number of Pages: 283
Rating: 4/5 Stars


The book is a compilation of the best articles from the author’s Sunday Column “Your Career Roadmap” in The Philippine Star. It talks about the author’s thirty-years worth of experience working in the corporate world. It also covers a variety of topics that provide practical tips and lessons on how to put your view about your job into proper perspective, how to get the job you want, how to deal with difficulties at work and how to become the best employee that you can be and succeed in your God-given career.

My thoughts
If I will describe the start of my six-year journey as a young professional, I can say that it was a smooth one. My first job was truly a blessing because it was the kind of job that I wanted back in college.  I was also blessed with a cool manager who treated me like his own daughter, and a group of co-workers whom I considered as my family, so it was really easy for me to love my job and give my best for the organization. Three years later, though I never planned it, God gave me another job that offers a higher salary and better opportunities for career growth and development.

Just like my first job, I was thankful that God gave me an opportunity to work in a bigger organization. The start of my journey in my second job was also a good one. However, the  changes that  happened to our organization recently have also brought a lot of challenges to me.  And though I find it hard to accept it, I realized I’m not actually coping well. So, when I received an invitation from OMF Literature to join their Book Worm Blogger Review Program, I immediately accepted it because Your Career Road Map by Nelson T. Dy is one of the books that I believe I really need to read at the moment, and OMF Lit is offering it for a free review. 😀

As I’ve expected, reading this book was truly a blessing for me. I know that there’s something wrong with my attitude towards my job and I need help on how to really deal with it. Though I seek help and godly counsel from my friends and my sisters in Christ who have gone ahead of me, I still find it hard to accept the truth that they are telling me so I read this book to get other insights. The topics discussed by author gave me a bigger and better picture of my current situation. It has also helped me evaluate my current attitude towards my work and made me realize the mistake I’m currently doing with my career. The book has also listed down the practical tips that I can learn and apply on the area of my life that I believe God is teaching me in my present circumstances: EXCELLENCE.

The author has indeed gave me valuable lessons on how to pursue excellence in doing my job.

If there’s one topic that I wish the author could have included in the book, it’s the discussion on finding the value on the job you’re doing. Or perhaps, how to correct your attitude when you no longer find value in the work you’re doing.

Nevertheless, the book in general, is an encouragement for me. It has reminded me of the truth that His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.(2 Peter 1:3) Everything that the author has written in this book is impossible without God’s grace. As Christians, we are called by God to succeed not only in ministry but also in life, in general. And by life, that means God has also called to succeed in our career so that He will be glorified through our life.

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